Meet Vallery Puri

If someone were to ask me what art is, I would say there is no ‘right or ‘real’ answer to that query and one cannot truly or completely answer that question. Is it something that appeals to one’s soul?

As an artist, whilst I paint, I feel connected to our Universe. There is this all round feeling of one-ness, of being and yet not. This feeling of lightness of being.

I have been painting from the time I can remember, and before that, as my parents remind me. Serious goal oriented painting with exhibitions in mind began on the morning of 8th Jan 1996 and has pretty much continued since. It was a dream on the night of 7th Jan that guided me and literally told me what to do. Fortunately, I actually listened and followed those instructions. My styles have evolved and matured over the years and continue to do so.

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My colours, compositions, and combinations are a form of communicating the state of mind one is in.

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